Student view: NYLD//15 Palmerston North

By Gracie Bush

April 7 2015

I was lucky enough to be invited to volunteer at National Young Leaders Day in Palmerston North on March 16 2015. My journey started out at Auckland Airport, with a group of people I had never met before, ready to hop on a plane and start my adventure. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately felt accepted as part of the team. One of the first things I noticed about every single person involved in bringing this event to life was the passion, enthusiasm and drive they all had to make it all happen.

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Reflecting on NYLD//14

By Cecilia Tuala

October 8 2014

What a year! It always amazes me how quickly the events go by. We spend months upon months preparing for the events and it feels like within minutes the event is over. We are currently planning the events for 2015 and it has led me to reflect on this year’s events.

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