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Parenting Place is a charity with a heart for New Zealand families. We believe that healthy, loving families can transform society.


Parenting Place seeks to see every child raised in a loving, nurturing and positive environment where their full potential can be encouraged and developed. NYLD is part of the youth division of Parenting Place. We also run a range of programmes and resources, like Attitude programmes for schools, Toolbox parenting groups, Hot tips events, family coaching and more. Visit the website for more info.



More than 250,000 teenagers in 410 secondary schools hear from an Attitude presenter each year. Attitude programmes equip young people the with life-skills to make informed choices.

A new intermediate school programme has been launched, working alongside schools to promote positive messages and build resilient children. The programmes help young people focus on their strengths, solve problems, cultivate healthy self-esteem and improve relationships. Presentations, workshops, parent evenings, resources and professional development for educators make up the Attitude intermediate school programme.

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Young leaders need great parents. With the right tools anyone can be a great parent. Toolbox parenting groups equip parents with strategies to overcome the challenges of family life and make parenting rewarding and fun.

Courses are facilitated over six weeks by trained, local volunteers, in a relaxed environment. Toolbox courses are sometimes offered in schools as a way of creating a sense of community amongst parents and letting them know their role is valued and appreciated. Get in touch with your local Toolbox coordinator if you are interested in the Toolbox parenting programme for your school community.

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Parenting events

Parenting events are fun, ‘feel good’ events for parents. Expert presenters deliver practical skills and solutions for the challenges facing families today, and they do it in a way that is positive and entertaining.

Parents from all walks of life come away feeling empowered and strengthened, with more resources to solve problems and build great relationships. If there is a secret to the success of these events, it is that they are fun. These events feature professional communicators who use multimedia, humour and genuine empathy. The research shows that the messages really do get through and have a positive effect.

With over 15 years experience presenting to more than 200,000 people, we guarantee a Parenting event will have impact on your community.

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Family Coach

One-on-one parenting help. Sometimes being a parent seems harder than we’d like it to be and we know things could be easier, if only we knew how. Family Coaching is designed for parents of babies to 18 year olds who need simple solutions to a parenting challenge. Our coaches listen, and use their training and own parenting experience to help give new insights and practical solutions. This is not counselling or therapy, but rather mentoring to make positive changes. If we determine your family issues are deeper and require specialist help, we will refer you to the appropriate service. We keep it simple with a practical plan, and follow up with materials, resources and workshops to help make changes that last. Some families may find two or three sessions useful to ensure momentum is maintained.

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