Jono Naylor

Jono has been a member of parliament, mayor, guidance counsellor, youth worker, busker and gravedigger.  He loves to tell stories and draw from his own experiences to help and encourage others to fulfil their potential.  He has learned first-hand what it is required to lead successfully and the important role that others play in enabling good leadership.









Lisa Tamati

Lisa Tamati is an Extreme Endurance Athlete who has spent the past 25 years competing in many of the worlds toughest events and leading expeditions. She is the author of two international best-selling books, is a motivational speaker, a mind set and running coach and runs four companies.








Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson grew up around horses and competes in show jumping to World Cup, with success at the highest levels and is an accomplished equestrian clinician and MC. She also has a passion for film, having filmed and directed two documentaries, Wind Eaters and Mustang Ride and was also the second camera women on the hit rating TV series, Keeping Up With The Kaimanawas, which she also starred in alongside her sisters Vicki (reigning World Champion of Colt Starting) and Kelly, following their work taming New Zealand’s wild Kaimanawa horses. Since then she has travelled to America and Australia to rescue and tame wild horses with her sisters and their work features in six bestselling books, written by sister Kelly.






Riley Hathaway

Over the last four years Riley has been part of a kids show called Young Ocean Explorers. She’s been on heaps of fun adventures with her Dad, Steve (an underwater cameraman) and has some incredible stories of encounters with sea creatures including turtles, orca, whales and sharks.

Riley is a passionate 17-year-old ocean advocate and PADI AmbassaDiver. She is in Year 13 at Mahurangi College and while in Year 8 she completed a school project on turtles and plastic, which was the inspiration behind Young Ocean Explorers.

Their aim is to get kids enthused about the beauty and diversity of our marine life and to create stories that inspire kids to love our ocean. In 2017 they released their interactive documentary website www.youngoceanexplorers.com. Riley also loves playing basketball, free diving, hanging at the beach with friends and anything to do with the ocean. She loves sea creatures and wants to encourage everyone to help keep our oceans free from plastic.